Norwegian Forest Cats
Central PA, USA

The cat that started it all...

Naturskat's Jacobs Ladder of Norja

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter
CFA Grand Premier

TICA Awards
Regional Winner                  2002, 2003, 2004
International Winner                     2003, 2004
Best Norwegian Forest Cat Alter    2002, 2004
Best Alter Mid Atlantic Region                  2003
Lifetime Achievement                               2004

First Norwegian Forest Cat
awarded TICA's
Lifetime Achievement Award
Norja Norwegian Forest Cat Jacobs Ladder picture
John Irving   13 months
The N Litter  born March 30, 2010
Beatrix Potter enjoying the snow of
the Dec. 2009 storm on the east coast
Rudyard Kipling 16 months
"NFC" is the American abbreviation for the Norwegian Forest Cat.  
In Europe they use "NFO".  I have no idea why Americans had to change it.

Must be like the basic tabby color.  In the US they are called brown tabbies in Europe they are called
black tabbies.  Genetically the Europeans are correct.  It is the gene for black that determines this color.  
I prefer to use the European designation since this is a European breed. So when you see a cat
designated as a brown tabby genetically it is a black tabby and is really the same color.

Norja is the Finnish word for Norway.  The 'j' is like the Swedish 'j' and is pronounced as a 'y'.

VPI releases most common clinical conditions in dogs and cats in 2009
Feb 11, 2010
Brea, Calif. -- Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has released its list of the top 10 medical conditions for
which claims were submitted last year for dogs and cats. VPI received more than a million claims in
Top conditions in cats
1. Lower urinary tract disease
2. Gastritis, or vomiting
3. Chronic renal failure
4. Hyperthyroidism
5. Diabetes
6. Enteritis, or diarrhea
7. Skin allergy
8. Periodontitis, or dental disease
9. Ear infection
10. Eye infection
Rebekah in the snow
February 2010
More pictures of Rebekah in
the snow on
her page
Jack Kerouac 8 mon
Henrik Ibsen 1 year
Champion Norja Clare Boothe Luce
at her first show as an adult at 8 months in a
CFA show at Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
She earned her CFA Championship and
won a tenth best all breed cat as an open!
Clare Boothe Luce First Show March 2010 as a
kitten.  She won a Best Kitten, 3rd Best &
two 10th Best finals
Friends of the Forest Cats
Here are Dakotah and Emma Leigh,
the two domestic shorthairs that have watched
as the Norwegians move in.
Clare at 12 months old winning at a show in Brockport,
NY. She had a Best Longhair with a 3rd Best Champion,  
a 2nd best Champion  and  a Best Longhair and 2nd
Best Champion.  She is half way to her CFA Grand.
We are very proud of her.

CH Norja Julia Glass of Longyearbyrn
and CatkinWoods Earendil Bjarne

had their A litter on Oct. 1, 2010
Tobias, Mia and Jora
1 black & white male and 2 tortie females
Norja grandparents are Rebekah & Tappenstreg
CH Norja Clare Booth Luce at first CCA show as a
champion.  She made two fifth best & one ninth best
all breed cat finals. And she was the second best all
breed Champion in one ring and third best all breed
Champion in two others earning a total of 50 points
toward the 150 she needs in CCA for her Grand.  So in
one show she is 1/3 of the way to her CCA Grand title.
P Litter born Oct. 10,  2010
Dorothy Parker 6 weeks old
M litter born Sept 21, 2009
Mitch at 14 months
Looking for their own homes...
James Michener  (Mitch)
Ogden Nash  (Nash)
Nesbit  (Edith)