On Hold : means the kitten is being watched for its development for breeding/showing and it
may become available later.  This decision may not be made until the kitten is 5-6 months old.

Reserved : means someone is considering a kitten but a deposit has not been received.  The
kitten is still available but someone else will have first priority.  Deposits are not accepted until
kittens are 3 weeks old.

Booked : means a deposit has been placed on the kitten.

Placed : means the kitten has moved to its new home.

Norja Norwegians feeds a species appropriate prey modal raw diet. We do not recommend
feeding commercial foods, especially dry food or kibble.  Before inquiring about a kitten please
read the
Diet page.   Our kittens are raised on a prey model raw diet from conception.  People
willing to continue feeding this diet will be given priority in making a Norja kitten or cat part of
their family.  

When inquiring about a kitten please include some information about yourself and your family,
where you live, any current or past pets and what you are looking for in a kitten.  Our kittens are
a much loved part of the family, we want to help them make a good transition to becoming a
happy, loving and much loved member of your family.

Kittens are not shipped unescorted and must be in the cabin with you on a plane.
All kittens are sold under contract including a spay/neuter agreement and are not to be declawed
or allowed to roam outside.  

A 50% deposit is required to hold a kitten.  This
deposit is non-refundable unless we can not
supply you with healthy kitten in a reasonable amount of time.
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