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American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners Guidelines Publications  -
Feline Life Stage Guidelines,                                                        Feline Life Stage Guidelines,
2008 Senior Care Guidelines,                                                      2008 Feline Retrovirus Management,
2007 Pain Management Guidelines by AAHA and AAFP,              2006 Feline Vaccine Advisory Panel Report,
2006 Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Bartonella spp.,  2005 Retroviral Testing Guidelines,
2004 Feline Behavior Guidelines,                                                 2003 Zoonoses Guidelines,
2001 Basic Guidelines of Judicious Therapeutic Use of Antimicrobials in Cats,
1998 Feline Senior Care Guidelines
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy    
Vaccination Information                          
Norja recommends minimal vaccinations
vaccination protocols -
American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners

Bob Rogers, DVM      Critter

UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine -
Dr. Ronald D. Schultz on vaccines

Richard B. Ford, D.V.M., MS, N. Carolina State Univ.
Vaccines & Vaccination

The Impact of Vaccination on Pets, Veterinary
Income, and You
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