Regional Winner
Quadruple Grand Champion
Naturskat Wake Up Maggie of Norja
Born July 24, 2003
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie (Patched Tabby) and White
GSDIV  Normal
(Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)
scanned normal April 2005,  May 2006, July 2006
scanned equivocal  May 2007
scanned normal May 2008
Father: IW SGC Aristo Limaz Chief Nacona
Mother: Naturskat's Bess
Mother of
litter C
Maggie has been spayed.  Now she is sweet Maggie all the time and has no idea that torties
are supposed to have "tortietude".
                             Aug. 2009  Maggie is now living in Brooklyn, NY.
6 weeks
3 mon
Photo by Jim Child
Photo by Helmi Flick
Norja Norwegians
Photo by Jim Child
Photo by Helmi Flick
Photo by Jim Child
Maggie is a good example of why you should not jump to conclusions if a cat scans
equivocal for HCM.  Her measurements in 2008 were consistent with her measurements in
2005 and 2006.  The cardiologist thought the equivocal reading in 2007 must have been
an aberration.  He saw no indication that Maggie will develop HCM.
5 years old
Maggie happy in her own home.